3 Advantages of full view window envelopes


A recent trend in fund drive mailing is the use of full view envelopes with large address windows. The windows run almost the entire length of the envelope and give the potential donor an expansive view as to what is inside the package. Here are three benefits to using full view window envelopes for your next fund drive.

  1. Only One Address Printing

All window envelopes save you the time and trouble of printing the address twice. This helps to guarantee that you do not have the wrong letter in the wrong envelope. The expansive window makes it easy for the return address to show through, which enables you to not have the return address printed on the envelope.

  1. Showcases Your Content

If you have spent a lot of time and energy designing a gorgeous and engaging fund drive letter, an envelope with a window gives you the opportunity to showcase that content to the potential donor even before they open the package. This helps to make your mailer stand out from the crowd with bright colors and an innovative design.

  1. Stand Out from the Crowd

Don’t let your fund drive letter get lost in the mail. The full view window envelope will help it stand out from other mail, such as bills, getting you more attention and your donations in quicker.

With your fund drive, it’s imperative to grab a potential donor’s attention in any way you can. Large custom windows allow you to stand out from the crowd.