4 Unique ways to promote your Fund Drive on social media


Asking for money from your donors is always an uncomfortable task. And in today’s fast-paced world, convincing folks to stop and listen is basically impossible. But thanks to the power of social media, this grueling chore can be much easier, and enjoyable! Here are four creative ways to promote your fund drive efforts on social media.

Tweets Done Right
One way to steer traffic towards your donations page is to tweet links to your donation landing page and let your followers know how their donations make a difference. For example, post a picture of your new apparatus on your Twitter account and tell followers that buying it was made possible through their donations.

Tell a Story
While Twitter only allows you to post 140 characters, Facebook enables you to post much lengthier statuses. A great way to engage those who like or follow your Facebook page is providing them with a forum to share their own stories. For example, post a status asking your audience to share a memorable experience about your firefighting department. It’s this bond with your organization that is critical to establish to drive donations, and sharing inspiring stories can help deepen that bond with your community.

Pump Up with Pins
Are you using Pinterest? If not, you should. You can create a pin board with images related to your cause. Another idea is to create a pin board of local donators, thanking them for their contributions.

Promote on YouTube
YouTube videos are extremely sharable. You can post a video and share it on your other social media platforms in seconds. Keep your video short and sweet. By keeping your message to the point, you’ll be able to capture a viewer’s attention and give them more information about your fund drive.

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