5 Tips to make your Fund Drive letter more appealing


Many fire departments utilize fund drive newsletters to garner money for much needed equipment and education to keep their neighborhood safe. A well-executed fund drive letter can be a powerful donation tool, which is why it’s critical to ensure that your newsletter design is visually appealing. If it looks good, readers are more likely to open it.

Here are five design tips to make your fund drive letter more visually appealing.

Create a Header
No question, your fund drive letter must have a header. It sits at the top of your newsletter and should include your company name, address, and your logo.

Let Your Logo Dictate Your Color Scheme
Your newsletter needs a color palette to make it more visually appealing to readers. Because your logo is part of your header, think about using its colors throughout your fund drive letter including font colors, borders, and other elements.

Stick to Standard Fonts
Utilizing too many types of fonts can make your letter look jumbled and disorganized. Stick with basic fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Arial. Pick one or two fonts for your entire newsletter and consider sticking with them for each new letter you create.

Use Subheadings
To make the reading process easier, your fund drive letter should have different pieces of content that are broken up by subheadings. This makes it easier for readers to quickly scan over important text and better glean information. The size of your subheadings should be smaller than the text you use in your header, but larger than the text used for articles.

Use Pictures
A well-designed newsletter should have a good balance of text and images. When a recipient opens your letter, images instantly grab their attention. By including a few photos of your apparatuses or staff, you can enhance the effectiveness of your message at the same time.

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