Are you missing out on Fund Drive donations?


Are you missing out on Fund Drive donations because of Unverified Addresses?

What is an Unverified Address? 

Unverified Addresses are a result of addresses that will not validate with our USPS approved software. Often times it requires only a simple fix to correct those addresses.

How can this effect your Fund Drive?

At Choice Marketing we do not mail to addresses that do not verify. Not only to save our clients money on discarded printed material, but also on their postage expenses. We strongly urge your department to review and correct the addresses, as you may be missing out on donations from those residents.

Unverified address may be a result of the following:

  • Misspelling of the street name FOX WOOD DR instead of FOXWOOD DR
  • An incorrect abbreviation, i.e. AV instead of AVE
  • The direction is missing, i.e.. MAIN ST should be W MAIN ST.
  • An incomplete address, i.e. 850 MARTIN PARKWAY when it should be 850 MARTIN  PARKWAY DR

Refer to Folder #2 in your USB binder for a listing of addresses that do not verify in your mailing list.  The booklet provided with the USB drive details the error messages for each unverified address.  We provide in Folder #4 the means to relay these changes back to Choice for correction.

Don’t let Unverified Addresses go unnoticed on your next Fund Drive.